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Chapter 10

  • Thomas:
  • “Mum? Hi” I smiled standing up to greet mum who came to the office. It being the third or fourth time she came to the office, normally dad wouldn’t let her come as not to interfere with work, and I knew that he probably didn’t even know of her being here. Well, not for long, I knew that it would be reported to him somehow.
  • “Hello” mum said in a sass tone which made me smile. I cupped her cheeks and kissed her forehead making her smile, her and I had somehow gotten past our arguments, that didn’t mean that I went back to the mansion though. I do go there to visit, but I got used to living alone in the apartment that I didn’t want to go back. Jasmine, Lilian, and Daniel tended to come and stay over when they wanted to, which was mostly on weekends. The apartment technically being a penthouse, it had eight empty bedrooms, therefore each got a bedroom and we still had more for guests.
  • “How are you?” Mum asked gently, she cupped my cheeks then looked at me “you’re losing weight Thomas. You haven’t been eating, have you?”
  • And there was also this part, mum worrying that I was neglecting my health or claiming that I was losing weight due to lack of food. Which was not the case, but this was mum we were talking about. She still hasn’t accepted the fact that I left the house or that I was living in my own place. She tends to come over at random times asking me to come home, her brother, my uncle, Uncle Xavier would sometimes come with her to convince me to go home and I would invite him to stay over. The man had no practical home to stay in, I knew that. But due to the fact that dad didn’t like him, I couldn’t hire him in the company to at least get a proper, stable fund rather than the money which mum would sometimes withdraw to send him, and he refused to stay in the apartment even when I did tell him to, not wanting to cause me or mum any trouble with dad despite me assuring him that nothing would happen.
  • Dad had caught her doing so a few times, but I always claimed that it was me who withdrew the amount when buying whichever girl I was dating at the time a gift. Dad would glare at me but he wouldn’t say anything about it, and I knew mum was always grateful for that. I had begged mum time and time to tell me when Uncle Xavier needed anything, but she never did tell me about it not wanting me to worry. She just took matters into her own hands.
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