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Chapter 12

  • Thomas:
  • “Thomas, where are we going?” Kiara asked and I rolled my eyes. Her and I have been walking for the past ten minutes because she refused to get in the car with me.
  • “If you would have gotten in the car; we would have been there by now, princess” I said rolling my eyes.
  • “I would rather rot in hell than get in a car with you” Kiara said angrily and I rolled my eyes once again. Having found out that she was to be my ‘waitress’, I was worried that I would end up getting poisoned one morning, and the thing was; I couldn’t even blame her for it. Having hurt her as badly as I did, insulted her, and cheapened her, I couldn’t expect any less from her.
  • “We’re here” I said casually entering a café.
  • “Seriously?”
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