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Chapter 8

  • Thomas:
  • “Alright, I’ll get them done. You should have them ready in your email before the day ends” I told my father who just had his secretary send me ten emails to look over, review, and check for any mistakes in the financials.
  • “I’ll be waiting for them” dad said before he hung up. I sighed and read through the emails which would be keeping me busy for the rest of the day. I haven’t seen or spoken to anyone since I left the house this weekend. This conversation with my dad was the first in two days, Daniel has been sending me messages but I’ve been too busy with everything that I had to prepare to have time to speak to him, and I know that it was wrong. The kid was probably having it from mum who would be worried sick about me, but I needed time to get used to being alone and the new system that I would be living in.
  • Checking the emails, I started reading through them. Though one person kept running through my mind whenever I tried focusing.
  • Kiara.
  • Seeing her in that dress, serving mum and her guests as a concierge or a maid would hurt me. I knew that mum simply hired her to show her that she wouldn’t be in the same rank as I am, or to probably teach me a lesson. But that didn’t mean that what she did made any difference to me, the girl was still someone that I liked, and I liked deeply. Her trying to separate us in a way which was a filthy as this one wasn’t something that I appreciated, especially since I knew that she was doing it to have the other women see her as a maid. In her mind, that would stop me from going after her.
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