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Chapter 21

  • Kiara:
  • “You promise you won’t kill the lad?” I asked my sister who had her arms crossed over her chest as I got ready. Let me say that she was not very pleased with my decision, and I honestly feared that she would end up hitting the man on sight.
  • “I make no promises”
  • “Grace!”
  • “What? You can’t expect me to be all loving and gentle after everything he made you face. No, the bastard is getting it from me” Grace said and I laughed shaking my head at my little sister who walked toward me. Her hands cupping my cheeks as she made me look at her “Kiara, don’t just hurt yourself for him. There are thousands of men who would die at your feet, you know that”
  • I smiled at my younger sister, removing her hands from my cheeks before cupping hers and softly kissing her forehead “bless you beautiful, gentle heart”
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