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Chapter 14

  • Thomas:
  • “Ready?” I asked Kiara who was cleaning the mug of coffee she gave me earlier. She closed the water faucet and looked at me making me smile. I knew that she had told me that she was in the relationship for the money, and I would be lying if I said that I didn’t already know that. But I knew that there was a reason under it, she didn’t seem like the kind to care about excess money.
  • “Yes, just let me get my things…”
  • “Keep them in my office, I’ll lock it up. We’ll come back here after lunch” I said stopping her.
  • “Won’t that drag too much attention to us?”
  • “Not really, considering I’m going to fire the assistant and hire you instead of her. I don’t see where the issue would be there” I said casually making Kiara frown in confusion “what?”
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