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Chapter 19

  • Kiara:
  • If I was annoyed before, then I was literally furious now.
  • Not only has he made everything harder for me, he had made sure to make my life a living hell. The number of fights that I had with my sister for working too hard, the weight I’ve lost, my numerous breakdowns, and decreasing grades at school. The man had the audacity to kiss me, and in his mum’s house. The bloody woman who told me that she wanted me away from her son, and the coward rather than defending his relationship, rather than being honest, chose to call me a pawn he had for sex, he kissed me! The bloody damn…
  • “Kiara?” Maria called snapping me out of my thoughts as I walked inside. She had prepared the tray of juices and wanted me to take them out, I took a deep breath and nodded at her. Taking the tray in my hand and putting up the best smile I could muster, though anyone with eyes would be able to see how forced it was. Thomas himself walked inside with a frown on his face, his eyes looking at me as I walked around serving the guests. Reaching him, I had to fight the temptation of ‘accidentally’ dropping the whole tray on him, soaking him with a mixture of juices.
  • “Thank you” he said and I rolled my eyes before walking toward his mum who was looking at me, noticing the tension between me and her son. I shook my head at her assuring her, she nodded though she didn’t seem convinced. Having accepted the job she gave me, I knew that she wanted her son to hate me, and judging by the circumstances, I wanted him to do so.
  • I walked back inside the kitchen after serving everyone to find Maria raising an eyebrow at me “what happened?”
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