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Chapter 11

  • Kiara:
  • My hands shook as I walked out of the office. Hugging the tray as I fought to stay calm not wanting to show my nervousness, having not seen Thomas for months, the last thing I expected was finding him here in front of me. Well, that was technically because the man never once showed up here. His father often left the office to go somewhere, his secretary always said that he would go to his son’s office, but it always stayed there.
  • “Kiara? Are you okay? You look like you’ve seen a ghost” Diana, one of my colleagues said walking toward me. I shook my head, snapping myself out of the daze I fell into and smiled. I wasn’t one to open up to anyone and I had made sure not to make any friends in this office. Having heard a few rumors which were spread around about me, I made no attempt in trying to prove anyone wrong. But I made sure to keep my distance.
  • “Yeah, I think that it’s lack of sleep” I said calmly, and technically I wasn’t lying. Having gone back to university, I was barely getting any sleep at night. Having to also wake up early, I had to help Grace fix the house, cook breakfast while she made lunch before we headed to work, then I would go home, change my clothes and head to my classes, I would sometimes end up going to university straight from work if I had to stay late for any reason.
  • But it was worth it, Mr. Adrian had given me a raise, and finding out that I was working as a concierge in his house for his wife, he asked me to leave the job and ordered to raise my salary. Giving me a triple salary from whatever I was earning. I had asked him why he was doing so, but he never seemed to give me an answer. Which both amazed but scared me.
  • Amazed, because I wouldn’t have believed that there was a man who would be so willing to give a girl like me a chance when there were thousands, probably millions, who would be a lot better than I was in everything that I was doing. Scared, well, no one did anything for free. There had to be some kind of consequence and I feared the backlash of this, and though Mr. Adrian made me sign a contract, which I have reviewed with a lawyer who I had paid two hundred pounds for this, and his lawyer. Having set terms that would guarantee both parties rights, with my study fees, the scholarship, and me having to work in the company, during, and after I finished my scholarship for at least a year. The man had wanted it to be three years, my lawyer wanted it as six months. But they settled for a whole twelve months of work after I got my degree. That, or I had to pay back everything they paid for my tuition multiplied by five. Which would mean at least a hundred thousand pounds.
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