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Chapter 29

  • Kiara:
  • “You’ve been ignoring my calls” Mrs. Iris said once I answered the phone.
  • “Hello Mrs. Iris” I said ignoring her comment. It was true that I was ignoring her calls, but it was because I knew why she was calling me, and I didn’t want to be part of her stupid plan anymore. I regretted ever saying yes to it. Despite it being something that would help me out financially, I didn’t want to ruin my relationship with Thomas. The two of us were barely getting everything fixed and patched between one another, to be the reason that breaks it was something that I didn’t want.
  • “I see that you’re taking a lot more time than you should in getting your job done” Mrs. Iris commented. I took a deep breath, preparing myself to tell her that I didn’t want this. I was getting ready for work and was surprised that she was actually awake at this time and calling me for such a task.
  • “Yes, because I don’t want to take part of it, Mrs. Iris. Your husband has been good to me, I can’t break his trust like that” I said checking my bag for my things. Thomas was on his way to pick me up, he has been doing so for a week now. Not wanting me to take the bus, he would drop me off to work while my beloved sister was picked up by her boyfriend, or in other words, her boss. The two have started dating about two weeks ago, and he’s been picking her up and dropping her back home everyday since.
  • “I never asked for your opinion, Kiara” Mrs. Iris said calmly.
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