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Chapter 24

  • Thomas:
  • “Mr. Thomas, the investors have arrived” Briana said entering the office. I nodded at her and the two of us walked out of the office and toward the meeting room, I smiled when I saw Kiara preparing coffee mugs for the men. The water bottles were already on the table when I arrived. I was aware of that, but to be sure that the coffees were hot, Kiara preferred making just before the meeting started.
  • Walking inside the meeting room, I sat on my chair at the head of the table just as Kiara walked inside carrying two trays each with one hand. Briana taking one from her, each of them started serving the men who were smiling at them, one of the men winked at Kiara but I saw her pay no attention to him as she reached me. Putting my mug on the table, she smiled and walked out of the meeting room. I was aware that her shift was almost over and I was thankful for that, Briana noticing my uncomfortable expression frowned in confusion but I shook my head at her to stay quiet.
  • “So, men, if we are done staring at the women, I would like to remind you that each of you has a wife, and we have work to do” I said looking at the papers which were in front of me. The men looked down at their tables, avoiding my eyes. They knew I hated married or taken men who looked at women as if they were some ‘prize’ that they could get with their money, the matter would be different if they weren’t involved in some relationship. If they weren’t bound by a marriage, which they showed as a ‘happy’ marriage. I got up from my chair just as Briana turned the projector and smartboard on.
  • Showing them why I wanted them to invest in the company with me. What they would gain, though I technically knew that they were already interested in investing, the company was worth fortunes. I needed to give them my deal as to ensure they knew what they were getting themselves into before they signed any contracts with us and before they paid to have their shares. However, making sure that I still had the higher share of the company, seventy percent of it still belonged to me. The thirty was for the men to profit with, they would be earning their shares on a monthly or yearly basis depending on the shares they had. Those who had less than five percent would earn on a yearly basis, five till ten would be earning every six months, and those with more than ten percent, would earn their shares based on outcome every month if they reach the targeted number.
  • “I am in”
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