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Chapter 28

  • Thomas:
  • I listened to Kiara as she spoke to Daniel. Her voice so gentle that I knew that even a crying baby would’ve calmed down. I smiled when I entered the room and couldn’t help but kiss the crown of her head making Daniel raise an eyebrow but not comment on the subject.
  • “Do you want me to call mum and dad or?” I asked Daniel who shook his head. I knew after hearing his conversation with Kiara that he was very upset with both of them. But that didn’t mean that he was allowed to neglect the fact that they were his parents, or the fact that they would be worried about him. My problems with mum and dad were mine, whether it was mum not wanting me to be with Kiara or dad doing what he did to me. Yes, I will admit that he insulted my every spec of my dignity yesterday. But I didn’t want Dani being affected by it.
  • “You would leave if they show up, and I don’t feel like listening to the argue about me getting sick” Daniel said and I sighed. Kiara squeezed his hand and nodded at my brother who looked away from her. Clearly not wanting to give in to my plea. But I wasn’t blind as not to see that Kiara had her effect on him and that he was debating on calling them “fine, you can call them to come”
  • “I best get going” Kiara said making me frown in confusion “you know your mum’s feelings about me, Thomas. I would rather not have her see me here”
  • Kiara’s words made my heart ache and I shook my head at her, wrapping my arms around her waist as I pulled her to me making her frown in confusion. I didn’t want her thinking that she was less than I was because mum didn’t want her around, I wanted her knowing that I liked her, that I wanted her being with me. She wasn’t someone that I was ashamed of being around “she is bound to accept you being mine, whether or not she likes it. I will not be losing you again”
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