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Chapter 13

  • Kiara:
  • “Wait, you’re telling me, that Thomas. The Thomas, is now your boss?” Grace asked wide eyed. I sighed but nodded.
  • The girl had come back from work to find that I was already home, having skipped most of the day after Mr. Adrian gave me the rest of the day ‘off’. I was thankful that he did, imagining myself finding out about Thomas being my new boss and me having to be patient about it in front of everyone was not in my highlighted to do list.
  • “His dad retired and now, he’s the boss of the whole company. Meaning that I’d have to be serving him, that I would be seeing him on a daily basis, and I would have to be professional as not to pour a cup of coffee over his pants.
  • “You forgot about not poisoning him, but then again, you’re not me. So, that shouldn’t be an issue” Grace teased and I glared at her. She laughed and raised her hands in mock surrender making me glare at her. I wasn’t entirely sure why she was this happy or this excited, but she came home from work all giddy and cheerful, and knowing my sister. That is most probably not a good sign.
  • “I wouldn’t poison the man. I might just be slightly aggressive or mean…”
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