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Chapter 17

  • Kiara:
  • “Kiara, this has to stop” Grace snapped at me. It has been a month since Thomas decided to make my life hell, his mother had thankfully agreed to hire me a few times for extra income. But with two jobs, university, studies, and taking full shifts on both. I worked through the whole weekend at Mrs. Iris’s, and sometimes on Wednesdays if she had a gathering, university five days a week, and of course, full-time shifts at work.
  • “Do I have another option, Grace? We need the bloody income! And it’s not like I can just quit my job at the company. They’re paying for my scholarship…”
  • “Then drop it, drop the bloody scholarship…”
  • “Excuse me?” I asked glaring at my sister who took a step back. She knew how much I wanted this, having stopped it for so many reasons. Did she really expect me to drop it now?
  • “Kiara, that’s not what I meant…”
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