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Chapter 15

  • Kiara:
  • “You didn’t!” Grace exclaimed when I told her what happened “then what happened?”
  • “Nothing, he literally got up and refused to say another word. He didn’t even tell me why he said what he did, he just simply asked for the bill, got up. The two of us went back to work and he didn’t say a word to me the whole day” I said looking at my sister whose eyes widened upon hearing about what happened between Thomas and I. Just telling her that I went out for lunch with him caught her attention. The details that happened after that made her eyes widen to the point where I could have sworn that they would end up popping out of her head.
  • “Well, at least he’ll hate you enough to leave you alone” Grace shrugged and I laughed. In all honesty, I didn’t like hurting him the way I did, nor did I like being as honest to tell him what happened. But I knew that I had no other option. The man wouldn’t just drop the subject and I didn’t want him on my heels every few minutes.
  • “I hope so, Grace, the man literally treats me like a child. He stood up to Diana, and she literally said nothing. He claimed to want to hire me as his assistant…”
  • “Well, that idea went down the drain” Grace teased and I laughed. I loved that about my sister, it was times like this when she didn’t ask about details. She didn’t care about them as long as I was happy and okay, it was all that mattered to her “what about his mum? Hasn’t she tried hiring you again?”
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