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Chapter 9 Thirsty Souls

  • After attending that messed up class and having an argument with Amaya I went straight home to attend a meeting with Vesna and the board members online. Which also reminded me of how much I made myself such a fool to Amaya's face. I can't believe I ruined my own company's reputation just for a class project. I sounded so stupid. Not to mention the slapping of Conan’s hand on Amaya’s. That part was worse, why am I even caring about her? I even made that foolish excuse that made me glad that she actually bought it. Yet the truth was I’m just staring blankly on the board and just noticed Conan’s odd look to Amaya so I got alarmed. I even acted so dumb when she tried to thank me. Releasing my stress through eating. It was my first time doing that so I never thought I can stress out like some obese kid from grade school.
  • Until that debate has to happen which did not end the way I anticipated it. She damn kissed me! The woman’s crazy! I got caught off guard and I was not pleased at all but somehow she tasted like honey. Yet, honeys are my favorite. I don’t know how she did it cause right now, I can’t get it out of my head.
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