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Chapter 31 Aftermath

  • Having Vesna behind bars for long didn't make me feel satisfied. Somehow, she became the reason why I became so doubtful of everyone right now. I realized that Liam knew about this. And yet, he didn't tell me anything. He pretended not knowing anything and played along with Vesna's game. My psychologist too. He might have known about it all along that maybe, that's why he left. I hated these thoughts. I can't find a valid reason for me to believe this nonsense . Haven't they felt ashamed of this? 
  • When we got back to my hotel. There was Liam standing in front of me. Silent, waiting for me to say something as I can't help staring at him. He could either be guilty or was speechless as I do. 
  • "Did you know something about Malia being a Howards?" I couldn't stop myself and finally asked him. Because right now, all I want are answers. 
  • "Answer me! Did you have any idea of ​​what Malia's real identity is?!" I exclaimed right into his face. 
  • I gripped, not wanting to hurt Liam. I just hope he answers while I can still get a hold of myself. 
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