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Chapter 29 Unsettled

  • What Conan just said really got me speechless. I thought that after we settle down not having sex anymore made the line between us. Our friendship was already strong enough but it seems like strong desires cannot be stopped. I haven't been able to settle down with one man yet. But here I am getting more troubles than one. 
  • "Amaya? Are you okay?" Max's voice got me back from spacing out after sitting on the chair waiting for the orders to arrive. 
  • "Yeah, I'm good." I replied as Austin arrived with two trays serving it on our table. 
  • The food amazed me. It's totally mouth-watering. Tons of burgers, two trays of fries, cheesy spaghetti and chips. To be honest, this doesn't totally fit my diet but of course, there's always a cheat day.
  • "There's still more. Please enjoy this while waiting. And ah- Miss Amaya? Can I take a picture with you later?" Austin's bad boy vibes yet pleasing personality gave me a smile as I smiled back at him and agreed. Why should I say no? 
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