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Chapter 24 New Friend

  • Days passed and an article about a "crazy pregnant woman crashes into a famous company's building looking for her missing CEO boyfriend" already went viral. It created a commotion where Vesna needed to hide as much as possible. And if she dares to make a move or say a word, then there will be more punishment in hell for her. She was lucky enough I haven't included her face in that article. If I had, then people would freak out whenever they'll recognize her. How considerate of me aren't I?
  • I was with Conan inside a coffee shop, it was beside my office's building so people there are already used to my presence. Well, I still get a lot of picture requests, smiles from supporters and students interviewing me. Though right now, nothing much. Just the usual, polite greetings and my usual order. As we arrived at an empty table, I couldn't help but notice the newspaper on it. I smirked looking at the newspapers with that topic as the headline. Conan was busy with his phone when we sat there so he didn't notice it. I wonder what kind of business he has on his phone though. He's been on it the whole time.
  • "You know what Conan? I really hated that woman's presence ever since. It was great to finally get the chance to make her pay back." I said, expressing my satisfaction of hurting her physically while holding the newspaper.
  • "Have you ever met her formally before?" He asked not even looking in my eyes.
  • "No. But the first time I saw her? Was when she seduced Max into having sex with her." The thought of reminiscing about those events is bringing me back into having that much grudge on her.
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