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Chapter 14 Jealousy

  • Being stuck in this storage room totally surprised us that we are both not ready for it. We spend the night there hoping that someone will find us. Another thing that added to our worry was that it's Friday. That means tomorrow is Saturday and there will be no class. Right now, I just really hoped that the threat I made to the head mistress worked, that she would actually think of getting these books out of here.
  • We both fell asleep sitting beside each other and leaning to the boxes facing the door. I've never felt so peaceful even though we're in this situation. Nothing happened at all. Our conscience is clean. We can't just make things more awkward if people find out about us being trapped here suspecting that maybe something more has happened.
  • As we were sound asleep we did not notice someone arrived already. We both woke up from a male's voice and bright light that hit our faces.
  • "Hey? How did you get in here? Have you been trapped here since yesterday?" The janitor greeted us with these questions. I woke up first so I had to wake up Max, tapping his face.
  • "Hey, It's open." I said to him as he slowly opened his eyes.
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