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Chapter 64 The Defensive Structure’s Construction

  • Lucia’s words managed to pique my interest, as I was also really curious to find out how our defensive structure looks like.
  • As we arrived at the border of the city, we noticed a wall amidst construction that was as long as a hundred meters. Soon, Lucia said, “We’ve been working around the clock for two days to build this wall. Look, it’s built with merely stones and woods, so its defense is only effective against animals, but not humans.”
  • I nodded in agreement and replied, “Well, that’s something to be taken seriously since there have been sightings of bears on this island. As for humans, we’ll just have to take time and work toward that along the way.”
  • “Yes, building an effective defense against humans is an uphill task.” Lucia added, “The most important thing that we need to have is iron, which is what we lack at the moment. Therefore, the best defense we can construct is only effective against animals, but I have an idea that can help us defend ourselves against humans.”
  • “Really? Please fill me in about that.”
  • Lucia smiled and said, “The walls are nearly one and a half meter tall and approximately a hundred meters in length, covered with sharp pebbles and stones, which make the ground rather slippery. Therefore, I’m planning to dig up a hole right outside our city’s border that’s over a hundred meters in length, a meter in depth, and five meters in width.”
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