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Chapter 333 I’m a Coward

  • I naturally wouldn’t take offense at Yelena, so I merely sat down cross-legged. “Go on and rest,” I murmured placidly.
  • “Yes, sir.”
  • Celeste came over to me with a map in her hand and said, “We can’t pass through Flower Village because we’ll likely encounter Black Python again. I suggest we make a detour via this trail. Although the journey will be slightly more arduous, it’s safe at least.”
  • “Okay, we’ll do as you say,” I acceded. “It’ll be bad if we encounter them since they outnumber us.”
  • Yelena, who was tied up, mocked, “So, you’re actually a cowardly scoundrel!”
  • Without bothering to refute her, I closed my eyes and started cultivating. As The Path of Solar Fire circulated within me, I kept my ears open to watch for approaching danger. After cultivating for some time, I vaguely heard someone speaking beside me out of the blue. “Don’t do such a stupid thing, Yelena.”
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