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Chapter 293 The Thunder God’s Sword Intent

  • After lowering Hazel to the ground, we walked into one of the caves, where there were some supplies that were no longer usable. While the steel pots were all rusty, the cloths had been gnawed by bugs.
  • Just then, I caught a glimpse of a porcelain bottle and wondered whether there would be pills inside. When I opened the bottle, I was overjoyed to see a pill inside, but it immediately turned into ashes. I should have known that as soon as I opened the bottle, the pill would disappear, as it hadn’t been well-preserved, unlike the pills that were hidden in secret bunkers and boxes on the deserted island.
  • Placed in this cave without much thought, the pill was affected by the atmosphere for years. It was no wonder that it had been eroded. Standing beside me, Hazel looked around and asked, “Mister, I heard that there’s always a general in any war. Where do you think he lived?”
  • Well… Her words reminded me that there should be some items left in the general’s cave. As we walked forward and moved past a few hundred caves, a huge cave in front of us caught my attention.
  • The cave was one hundred and eighty meters in height, and the rock face around it was flat. I reckoned that the cave wasn’t dug but made using a very sharp weapon! The words ‘Thrashing Knives’ were engraved on the rock.
  • That’s right! It’s the military camp of Thrashing Knives Sect! I looked curiously at the engraved words on the rock. For some reason, the words intrigued me. Seeing that I never moved a muscle, Hazel started exploring the cave on her own.
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