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Chapter 251 You’re Unworthy

  • After the meal, I deliberately counted the amount of money we had at present. With the monetary reward I got this time and having sold all those gifts, we actually have 1.5 million crowns! This is a king’s ransom!
  • Curious, Rosalie asked, “How much are you planning to give Gordon this time, and how much are you planning to keep for ourselves?”
  • “When I invested money into Jon City back then, I was gripped by anguish every single day, feeling as though I was breaking the bank. However, the battle this time has shown me that Gordon is my best military commander and has brought me tremendous benefits and rewards. Thus, I’m no longer bothered no matter how much money I invest in him now. I’ve decided to give him 1.45 million!” I replied.
  • Rosalie exclaimed in surprise, “We’re only keeping 50,000 for ourselves?”
  • “50,000 is more than enough to afford us a lavish life, no?”
  • “Um… never mind, whatever you think is best.”
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