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Chapter 25 United as Friends, We’re Invincible

  • While Gordon’s words merely amused the others, my interest was piqued. “Do you think you can defeat Harry? There are only five of us, three of which are women. Meanwhile, he has more than ten men who have the guts to kill.”
  • Gordon replied, “Throughout history, there are countless examples of David versus Goliath. I now understand that on this island, powerless people are bound to be bullied, and I don’t want to be the bullied one. I can help you rise to the top with my talent!”
  • “Why are you choosing me?”
  • “Because you’re the one who taught me this, so I don’t think you’re a wimpy man. Moreover, you’re kinder than Harry.”
  • I smirked for some reason. With a serious expression, Gordon picked up a torch and walked deeper into the cave. “I will come up with a detailed plan now and show it to you later.”
  • One girl smiled. “Ignore him. He’s a little mental recently.”
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