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Chapter 187 Rachel’s Wrath

  • The smile on Rachel’s face faded ever so slightly as she demanded in a cheerless tone, “Please, stop comparing me to other people.”
  • Upon hearing what she said, one of the seniors tried to console her, “Don’t feel sad about it, Rachel. Mortals can never compare to goddesses, so you don’t have to feel down.”
  • “I am not feeling down,” said Rachel with a smile. “By the way, who is Miss Yates?”
  • “She’s Jonathan’s younger sister.”
  • “Oh?” Rachel approached me before inquiring with a smile, “So you’re Jonathan? Seeing how they’re all praising your sister’s looks, can I come visit you at your house and meet her? I don’t have a lot of female friends in the faction, so I would like to befriend your sister.”
  • With a nod, I agreed, “Sure, but she has a short temper.”
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