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Chapter 173 Seniors’ Invitation

  • When I inquired about her request, she said, “Can you cum inside? Otherwise, I will feel cheap, as though I’m the type of woman who you can fool around with and abandon after being used.”
  • Startled, I asked, “What if you get pregnant?”
  • “I won’t be a burden to you…” Chelsea explained immediately, “If you don’t wish to be responsible for it, I can raise the child on my own. This is my own choice, so I’ll bear the consequences.”
  • Feeling sorry for her, I comforted, “Why do you want to make things difficult for yourself?”
  • “I don’t think so. In fact, I feel happy. You’re the first man that ever cared for me, and to me, you really are an outstanding person, so I feel it’s worth it.”
  • “If… that is really what you wish for.”
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