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Chapter 163 I’ll Grant You a Reward

  • It was clear as day that Charlie was now livid. However, as his anger bloomed, his swordplay grew all the more chaotic. While evading him, I observed his moves, only to discover that while swordplay was remarkable, there was a shortcoming. It’s all limited to routine. As long as I fight him for a while, I can even predict how he’s going to attack next. Sure enough, the best move is always having no routine.
  • Charlie was already slightly out of breath, whereas I was still easily evading him while mulling over the weaknesses of the human body in my mind. The weaknesses indicated by Thunder Formation are throat, heart, and the like. Conversely, I know even more about the weaknesses of the human body since I’m from the modern day. These people probably never imagined the existence of a major artery under the human armpit, nor would they believe that its rupture will likely cause the person to die in mere seconds. However, the armpit isn’t my target, for a wooden sword is blunt. Rather, I want to attack his jaw!
  • Nimbly dodging his attack, I then swiftly swung my sword, utilizing Flameblade Sword Technique. Six blade silhouettes appeared, taking even myself by surprise. After training for the past few days, even my Flameblade Sword Technique has unexpectedly improved!
  • Charlie hastily moved to block my attack, but this was merely a feint. I swiftly flicked the wooden sword up and viciously smashed it against his jaw! In an instant, he was lifted off the ground, his toes hovering a few centimeters away from the ground. His teeth clacking together hard, he bit his tongue, causing blood to spurt out of his mouth. Subsequently, he collapsed onto the ground in a dead faint.
  • Putting the wooden sword away, I looked at Charlie who was passed out and uttered mildly, “Thank you for the win.” However, there wasn’t any movement from him. Lying on the ground wordlessly, his eyes rolled into his head.
  • All the disciples present were dumbfounded. Even Blade Mania couldn’t quite believe his eyes. After the brief stupefaction, everyone went into an uproar. “That was incredible! He actually defeated Charlie!”
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