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Chapter 82 Forgot Her Name

  • Although Martha appeared calm, but she was shocked with the turn of events. While quietly sitting in the corner, just across from Albert, she pondered again about what to do. She wanted to stay with the children but if she returned as CEO, she would have little time with them. The CEO was a very demanding job.
  • Sighing, she did not expect that Albert would indeed relinquish his position as CEO of King group of companies that easily and even without discussing the matter with her grandfather.
  • Besides, Martha only stated that she wanted the company back to spite him because she was being held inside the villa against her will. She felt being controlled by Albert and she only meant to show off at him that she could not be manipulated.
  • The first thing that come into her mind was to taunt him with the companies, but never did she imagine that Albert would bite to her jeers, and now she was in a dilemma how to explain this to her grandfather.
  • Even if Martha would not admit it, she knew that if Albert would manage the entire operations, it would progress more than what she could deliver.
  • Albert was simply a genius at design, so he could see things that Martha could not. Martha did not interfere anymore while Albert was busy at the video conference. after all, Albert was handling more of their businesses than that of his own family’s business.
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