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Chapter 76

  • Martha was astounded as she glowered at the retreating figure of Albert going up to her chamber.
  • Her heartbeat was erratic. Her designs were shattered again. She went to Italy to avoid him, and within two days, she was still in the same mansion with him. Her eyes darkened. All she could think of was that Albert was a rabid wombat who clang to them viciously. Just like Albert, Martha was not a feeble woman who easily bent down to anyone.
  • If she liked something, she took it. If she did not want something, she threw it away without mercy. And now Albert was someone she did not want around her. Therefore, she should force him out of the villa.
  • Martha was frantic. How dare he to order her? But it was like that he ordered everyone as if he was the king. Martha was frustrated, but she disciplined herself to remain calm. After all, dignified ladies don’t throw tantrums.
  • Martha followed Albert to her bedroom. She was determined to put a sense in his head that their marriage was over. She wanted to throw him out of the villa, but on second thought, she wavered. As of now, Albert was still her husband. They had not divorced yet, and therefore he could go to her room and take a shower and sleep. He looked haggard anyway. She saw Albert’s back moving to the shower room. Even when tired, he looked so athletic.
  • As for Albert, he felt a little relaxed now that he was with Martha and the twins. Seeing that the bathroom was leisurely decorated and equipped with a jacuzzi, Albert then soaked himself for a warm bath. He had already supplanted the patrols outside the villa with his guards, so he was not worried that Martha would go anywhere. They were all instructed not to let anyone out of the villa. Because Albert spoke fluent Italian, it was easy to communicate with the locals.
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