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Chapter 46

  • Third-Party's POV
  • As long as Martha behaved like a true expectant mother-to-be, nothing seemed to go wrong. However, there were daily changes in her routine. First, her family often visited her at the hospital, and it felt to Martha that there was always a grand reunion. The usual dinners they had at the villa were now spent in her room. When they talked to her, there were changes such as Martha felt she was a moron. They kept telling her to be careful, as if Martha can do anything careless and stupid. Albert watched her like a hawk, a little move and he immediately hovered above her, darting his eyes from her head to foot.
  • Martha was a little uncomfortable with these over wacthing, so Martha asked Albert that another adjacent room be opened to accommodate their visits. If they did not own this hospital, that would be impossible. Albert quickly arranged a near lounge area where they could socialize. When they came almost everyday, most often, Martha could see that their faces were anxious and worried. Martha could also not shoo them away as they were her old folks. Martha was the youngest in the bloodline, and soon her twins, will be the new inheritors. Security around this floor was even tightened.
  • .
  • One night, Martha was restless, and she was unable to sleep. Albert was talking to his executives over the video conference when he saw that Martha wanted to move to the sofa. Albert immediately put down the call and went to her.
  • “Are you alright, anything you need wifey?”
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