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Chapter 53

  • Albert kept on glancing at Martha; he also stared at her body. She did not appear to have gained any pregnancy weights. Her curvy body showed that she was still sexy. Her waist remained small, even when covered by a bandage.Albert wanted to supervise Martha's health recovery so that he could make love to her in due time. For Albert, resuming their lovemaking was something he looked forward to. He was a normal hot-blooded male. Albert often bore in mind that Martha did not appear to enjoy their lovemaking, and he was determined to change her opinion. He desired Martha to be her lifelong bed partner. He could no longer wait to be with her night after night.He had already consulted an expert doctor for his sex life. He sought his medical guidance so that Martha would not be hurt again.Albert wanted to practice everything he learned from the doctor. As the husband, he felt it was his responsibility to please his wife. It would certainly hurt his ego if he could not satisfy her wife in bed. The images of Martha moaning with pleasure under his touch made his adam apple trembled. Giving Martha total satisfaction in bed was his biggest challenge in this marriage.Of course, Martha saw that Albert was giving her a lustful look. Martha shook her head and thought that this man was a scoundrel. If only Martha could read Albert's mind, she would be blushing.Martha had already learned how to study Albert's moods. After all, she had been a tough businesswoman, and one of the things she uncovered was to consider the eyes and subtle movements of her business opponent. She had scrutinized Albert's facial expression so that she could react adequately.Martha had also scrutinized that his pupils would be deeper black whenever Albert's mind was into sex, his eyelids lowered, and his nostrils flared.The way Albert was looking at her now was as if he was already undressing her. His breathing was a little warm. Unconsciously, Albert's body was leaning towards Martha. His fingertips were touching her fingers.Although Martha admitted without doubt that Albert was a handsome man, but she did not like his big penis that gave her stitches. Right now, she could see that his trousers had a little bulge. Albert looked turned on. Martha rolled her eyes.Back when Martha was pregnant, Albert had manipulated her to agree to his several sexual advances. However, she knew that Albert was careful, slow, and gentle and did not insert his entire length into her body. She remembered how deep his breathings were every time he went inside her. Albert used his big palms as a stopper of his movements. He cupped her cute butts to make sure he did not press himself too deeply.Albert only teased her so that she would not get hurt. But Martha knew that sooner or later, Albert would be back to his rough style of making love. Thus before she would fall victim to his acrobatic sex style, Martha should divorce him and avoid having sex with him.Martha was worried that the reason Albert brought her to his place was so he could fuck her every night. In that aspect, Martha seemed to be right. Because Albert was already eye fucking her, and they had not even reached his place.
  • After an hour of travel, they had arrived at Albert's estate mansion. They entered a big gate full of guards standing in a row. There were full-grown pine trees and a garden. Then a big beautiful villa appeared.
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