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Chapter 15

  • Dangerously is trying to be nice.
  • Albert's POV***
  • There is one thing why I hate Martha in the past is that her haughtiness, arrogance, over conceit. She talks with that big attitude when she looks at me and calls me “my hubby”. Even I sent her glaring, irritated looks, she would just flip her hair with that superior stance.
  • I heard that she was not short of suitors herself, and I heard she was blossoming into a pretty lady. But I   never got interested to verify the gossip running around that the lady tormenting me has become a well-sought marriage partner, considering her wealth, influence and “exquisite charming beauty”
  • Tormenting lady, more like it, and I am not interested in women of power, my interest ran towards submissive and coy pretty ladies I met, and there are a lot of them, the supply was abounding. So why would I torment myself with her arrogance?
  • But cruel destiny played on me. In the long end, Martha had her way and I still ended getting married to that obnoxious socialite.
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