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Chapter 62

  • After they had breakfast, Albert took Martha and the twins to the garden. It was also at that time that the flowers were in bloom. So wherever their eyes would fall, what they saw, were yellow roses and red daisies.
  • The garden was very pleasing to the eyes. Even the smell of the wind carried the fragrance of the flowers. Martha felt relaxed, wandering around the backyard of the estate. While they were touring, Albert held her hand, and they looked like real couples. When Pia's maid saw them strolling hand, she took many pictures and uploaded them to Pia's chat inbox. The maid sent a message that the master and wife were at the pavilion underneath the pine tree.
  • Then she sent several photos to Pia. The maid did not even glance at how the pictures appeared. All she did was follow the instructions that if there were a chance for her to get a picture, she would send them to Pia. So the maid was very obedient; she took as many pictures as she could.
  • The maid was pleased with her new cellphone. It was effortless to use. Just one click and then send.
  • The pictures would be uploaded immediately. What a cell phone, she thought. Indeed Pia got distracted by the notification from her cellphone. So she swiped open the screen and was surprised by the many incoming pictures in her messages.
  • However, the more she stared at the pictures being uploaded, the more her eyes got sore at the sight of the two people sitting under the tree. After looking at the many photos of Albert, who was tenderly holding Martha, Pia almost threw her cellphone outside of the window.
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