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Chapter 7

  • Martha 'S POV ***
  • No way. I am not returning to that room. I screamed low.
  • I fought with my arms and legs with all my strength and shrieked, "I am not going inside that room with that whore! Let me go, you fuckshit!"
  • Still, he dragged me back, this time scooping my waist. I kicked wildly like a madwoman.
  • I shouted, "help, help, let me go, you shit," but of course, nobody would come to help me. It was a private suite. Once already inside, Albert unceremoniously threw me at the bed, to the shock of the other naked intruder whore.
  • I panicked. What the fuck!: Is he planning to screw both of us in this bed? I gulped.
  • Without warning, Albert picked up the intruder's gown and purse, pulled her up from the bed, then hastily dragged her while she was protesting the sudden change.
  • Albert then threw her out of the room, then closed and locked the door.
  • Shocked again for the nth time, I watched how the shrieking hysterical naked woman intruder was thrown out the door like a hot sack of potato. She was screeching and howling profanities. The bitch was swearing obscene language to the end while banging the closed door.
  • Albert was now heaving his chest up and down and then turned his gaze back to me.
  • Glaring back at him, I looked at his dark face. My lousy temper was now a boiling lava.
  • Albert said in a low voice, looking intently at me. "You should have just watched my girlfriend and me to the end Martha," and smirked. "your leaving before the end of my show deserved a punishment."
  • I hissed and said, "Show?" I was confused. "You mean your X rated show with that cheap woman of yours?, I asked and added, tilting my head. "why should I watch your porno show, are you crazy?"
  • Albert spoke slowly between his teeth and sat on the bed. "I participated in your wedding show, and you will not participate in my honeymoon X rated show? How dare you, how dare you" He arched his eyebrows arrogantly. His handsome face was now grim in anger.
  • Observing his angry face, I exhaled nervously. This was a different man. He was running his fingers on my arms, scratching my skin. Does he want to skin me alive?
  • Angrily. I said "Is that it? You dragged me back so I could watch you live porno? You should just have asked me if you wanted me to watch both of you, and then maybe,...."
  • I paused wickedly "I could also ask you to watch my own sex show with my own toy man later, how about that?"
  • In truth, that scrap talk nauseated me. I am revolted by just imagining it. I felt throwing up that very minute.
  • Albert is really dead angry. "No one tells me what to do, Martha, and you just crossed the line. My girlfriend just left, and you are on this bed". His voice was cold, and his demonic eyes scared me.
  • I protested. "You threw her out, remember? Call her back". I challenged him.
  • Maybe he remembered that too. But he then suddenly dropped himself on top of me.
  • Hey! I shrieked. I tried to move slowly off the bed. My eyes were darting to the door. I planned to escape from this madman.
  • I dashed to the door, but he caught my arm, and without warning, he tore open my tube dress, exposing my heaving breasts.
  • I looked at my exposed breasts. He was already looking at them, his eyes now dilated. I crossed my arms around my chest. What the hell, he is staring at my nipples.
  • Despite his anger, I could see that his eyes were glued on my nakedness. There was a fire on his eyes, and his jaws were clinching.
  • He then pinned me to the bed. He started touching my skin. His palms were running and stroking.
  • He stared at me, boring his deepening eyes on me. Then he looked at my lips. Though his eyes said he was challenging me, but his breaths were not as they were short and labored. His body was heating up.
  • Is he going to rape me? 
  • What to do, what to do. My mind was grinding.