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Chapter 6

  • Martha 'S POV ***
  • “Enjoying the show?” I gave a hearty laugh .
  • The idiot looked amused now, there was a devilish twinkle on his eyes. Well, at least he had something to enjoy this time other than scowling his face during the wedding.
  • So I flipped my hair, with a flair.
  • “Enjoy your honeymoon with your baby girl Albert” I said pointing to the slut under him and added, “while I get myself a hot fucking dick tonight, Let me see, should I dial a bad boy from the alcohol bar or that hot model partner of your girlfriend or the bad boy of the movie star”.: I rolled my eyes while pretending to count the selection of males fuckers.
  • “ This body is also hot”, I said while waving my hand from my head to toes, pointing at my breast, legs, and butt.  My lips were purred for emphasis in the word “hot”.
  • I mimicked his gesture just like what he did a while ago when sweeping his hands all over his body, from head to toe, with an exaggerated gesture.
  • “No man can resist a hot sex tonight on my bed, you know, I can easily pick my choice with the young boys ” Saying it seductively. I wiggled my body for emphasis.
  • Hurriedly, I then picked up my purse beside the lamp. Then said loudly, “What a lousy honeymoon night to let me sit here and just waste it looking at your boring sex.”
  • I pointed my beautiful fingers at them and I exaggerated a sigh of fake regret when I gazed for a long time at the diamond couple ring now twinkling on my beautiful finger. Though this ring was expensive, it could not buy out the trouble inside my heart.
  • With exaggeration, I threw a huge flying kiss at them who were both looking at me. I said ' Muah muah muah” with puckered lips. Kissing my palms each time and throwing kisses on the air in their direction.
  • Like a dancing ballet queen, I then turned around 180 degrees, with that ramp model move I knew, swaying my hips exaggeratedly, swirling up to the right and left my butt like a wave of tsunami.
  • While I did that fake bitchy show, I tried to hide my tears now building behind my lids. Oh boy, my heart was in pain. Martha do not cry you idiot. My chest now felt being stabbed by daggers of pain.
  • As I slowly swayed away out of the room, my mind was really overly fatigued and painfully falling into limbo. What a mess did I get into? I could not cry here in front of that scumbag Albert and his low class of a girlfriend.
  • I must return and hide to my room which I have rented as office suite for weeks. I can nurse my wounded pride there.
  • As much as I prayed the earth would swallow me from this nightmare, I felt hiding away from my family from this embarrassing night. My grandfather did warn me that Albert was the rich playboy who can not be taken down. I heard that Albert played with women, so and so.
  • Yeah yeah, there was always the first lesson for everyone, for me. I lost. Booh Martha , booh.
  • Effective tonight, I vowed I would distance myself from Albert or any man. Too much of daydreaming for love. I needed to rethink my actions.
  • My heart was empty. My mind was revolted. If my money could not buy me love, at least it should heal my pride.
  • My troubled mind was still focused in front of the closed elevator which button I pushed open, when suddenly, somebody forcibly pulled my arm and I was dragged back to the direction of the suite.
  • Before I could react and protest, the naked Albert had already effortlessly moved me away from the elevator.
  • “Hey!” I protested as I wriggled my arms to pull away.
  • Recovering from his manhandling, I said: “No, no, no... leave me alone”. I hardened my legs, moving back to the elevator.
  • Albert still dragged my arms back to the suite, this time hurting me with this push and pull.
  • I kicked Albert's knees, and although his face scowled, still he caught my arms back and dragged me back to the door. Though this time the door did not slam back to my face, but the grip on my arm was painful.
  • But no way. I am not returning inside the shit room.