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Chapter 5

  • The Bad Me
  • Martha 'S POV ***
  • I promised and swore to all my ancestors that if ever I got Albert to marry me, I would be the best wife for him.
  • But Albert, my shit husband, he pushed me to the limit of my patience.! Now I have no choice but to break that promise of good behavior.
  • I smiled wickedly while slanting my eyes and told myself, "Martha can not be good; welcome back, Martha THE BAD!".
  • Suddenly, I spread my arms wide in front of them, like an eagle about to fly. I then hissed my tongue like a snake, ready to devour.
  • I then wriggled out of my pestering gown, ripping off the other stubborn buttons. "Ripppppped," The sound of the fabric slashing wish wosh.
  • Bye, most expensive designer gown, the broken gown of the century, and I am the "gown the ripper." I chuckled sarcastically/
  • The bad spirit of angry Martha had resurfaced, and then without blinking my fiery eyes, I removed my lacy bra slowly in front of the two. Sloooowly. Strap to strap.
  • Finally, Albert froze on whatever he was doing and focused his gaze on me.
  • Still furious, I hastily removed the last piece of my clothing. As soon as my round breasts were all exposed, I then cupped them each and rubbed my pink nipples, this time my eyes locked with Albert and said,
  • "Look, Albert, my breasts are fuller than hers, but you will not taste these ever," I said wickedly, juggling and cupping each breast before his round, shocked eyes...
  • I then held the end of my lacy white panties and slowly wriggled my long porcelain legs out, Wong exposing my soft skin, which I bathed with milk for weeks. Yes, I soaked my skin with cow's milk just for him—what a waste. I know my skin looked milky honey soft tonight. I even glow brighter than the China white porcelain.
  • I held my two hands in V shape between my legs. I laughed a little and said, wickedly, "This sweet pussy too will not be yours tonight."
  • I then turned around and showed my round butt and slapped them loud. I wiggled my hips while I turned around slowly.
  • Albert looked at me without expression and stopped fumbling the cheap actress.
  • The good thing was, I got both their attention.
  • Albert stopped what he was doing, and the intruder woman looked at me with the jealous look.
  • I said again with all the seductress voice I can summon. I plucked my lips.
  • "My busts are bigger. I have a smaller waist, rounder hips, and flawless in smooth skin. 35-24-35. Her tits are nothing like these tits. "I pointed to his now angry, jealous girlfriend. The comparison was apparently displeasing her. Hah.
  • Heh, so what, I am better endowed. She pales in comparison to my beauty, brains, and money that I was sure 101 percent.
  • I then turned around like Miss Universe in slow motion in my naked glory. My big tits nipples were now standing erect from the gush of the wind.
  • Wearing nothing but my silver heels, I let loose of my long black silky hair.
  • I shook my hair like what those shampoo models do when they swash swoosh their bulk of the hair, left to right.
  • I then pouted my cherry painted lips and massaged my breasts down to my tummy and between my legs, in the most wanton gesture I can do.
  • Albert tilted his head, looking intently at me. So finally, he knew how to assess me up and down, and down and up. His pupils were enlarged deep and dark.
  • Swaying my legs, I turned around and bent my back in their direction—my butt up on the air, my head down the floor, with my hair hanging.
  • My legs were parted in V. I must be a wonderful sight with the back of my long beautiful legs facing them as well as the full view of my butt over my bent sexy body. Hah.
  • Not just my butt cheeks were exposed, but also the back of my vulva to the naked two who were now looking at me as if I gained two heads.
  • Unable to stop my naked vindictive self, I picked up my short red dress which was hanged beside the bed. I meant to seduce Albert with this skimpy clothing, but now, it would work as my parting bitch dress.
  • Slowly, I slipped on the sexy red tube dress, stopping when the end top was held by my round Cup B breasts.
  • I did not have any bra nor panties, just the dress, so the dress hugged the perfect curve of my body.
  • I then turned around and met their unreadable gaze. Albert appeared to look strangely unamused because I can see the end of his lips twisted down. The woman intruder had an annoyed O mouth now that I had Albert's attention.
  • "Enjoying the show?" I gave a hearty laugh.