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Chapter 66

  • However, Martha knew that her products in Europe and in America were well sought after. As per the latest marketing survey in perfume usage, the top ten brands belonged to Martha. But Martha was not traveling to Europe because of her products. She was contented with the output of their marketing. Her assistant Becky Lu was very good at managing in her absence. While Martha was pregnant, Becky Lu was very competent at handling the business perfume with Bruce's backing. The purpose of Martha in going to Italy was to meet Bruce. When the jet was above the clouds, Martha reviewed some documents. The lady stewardess prepared her favorite wine. "Lady boss Martha, long time no see," Martha gave a deep smile, remembering her long absence, and said, "yes, when was it?, I think almost a year I had traveled back to Italy." The pretty stewardess said, "yes, it is almost a year. Are we flying to the same place?" Martha nodded her head, "yes, as usual, Miss Johnson, it would be the same travel; I would be checking my businesses. I have not look upon them for a year as you can see I have gotten married and have children.""Congratulations, lady boss Martha. I attended your wedding, but may I look at the twins?" Martha called the two nurses, nurse Rose and nurse Anne to come forward and bring the twins. The pilot said that, "I can see that you have a phoenix and a dragon here," Martha beamed and replied, "this is a golden luck here. I've gotten married, have two children, a boy and a girl, Jonathan, and Joanne, so now I have to be more careful with my travel, especially my business." The stewardess answered, "yes, we understand, lady boss Martha, we will be more careful than before." Martha reclined her sets and closed her eyes. "This would be a 4-hour flight; once we should arrive in Italy, it would be around in the afternoon." Martha looked at the nurses, nodded their heads, and assured them to be ready for the flight. Martha also saw that the twins were sleeping, so it was a good thing.So Martha closed her eyes. The next thing she felt was her private jet going into the air and then flying softly above the clouds. Martha was thinking about Albert, who was also in the clouds this time. Albert would be in Canada in a few hours. She would be landing in Italy, also at around 2 hours. Martha was confident that she did the right thing not to tell Albert about her going to Italy. After all, Albert was going to Canada for the perfume business. Martha was going to Italy also for her own perfume business, which she had partnered with Bruce; but most importantly, she was very concerned about Bruce. Martha wanted to know the health status of her friend Bruce. In a while pilot Announced that the plane would be descending to Italy international airlines'. Martha owned one of the hangars. Their company had their jet deliveries for their products. They were responsible for the marketing as well as for the distribution of the perfume products. The said products would be distributed using their private jets—that way, their products were all monitored adequately.When the jet was slowly gliding down to the grounds, Martha remembered the place. Everything was still looking familiar, except she saw a few changes in edifice and the buildings and arrangement, meaning that there were already changes in the said area for one year.
  • Even before the private jet settled on the runway, Martha saw a familiar face standing outside of the hangar. The tall, handsome man was wearing a black coat, his thick hair waving unruly from the strong wind. Martha looked at Becky Lu, her eyebrows arched up. "Becky, is Bruce aware that we are coming down here?"Becky replied, "yes, lady boss, I told him that we would be traveling anytime this week. Master Bruce had been pestering me about your whereabouts; he wanted to go to the city to see you personally, then I told him that you would be coming personally here." "Is Bruce already aware that I have already gotten married?" Becky Lu's sighed, "lady boss, I do not have the heart to inform master Bruce; after all, he was in the hospital for a long time, and he was still recovering. So, I do not know if he already found out by himself." Martha nodded her head, which meant that it was for her to tell Bruce that she had gotten married and had even children. As soon as the jet was fully landed, the master pilot announced their successful arrival, and then the jet engine went down.
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