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Chapter 37

  • Heartbeat celebration
  • Third Party POV
  • As soon as the conference was done, Albert rushed back to the hospital. He had to be present for the ultra-sound of his wife. He already learned about Prenatal care associated with ultrasound machines, and he wants to view the ultrasound images of their baby in her utero.
  • Albert quickly entered the elevator, almost running to Martha's room, but when he entered the said room, he saw an exquisite woman with make-up made, hair curled like buns on top her head, and wearing a beautiful gown, he thought that he entered the wrong room. 
  • So Albert said, "Pls forgive me, I entered a wrong room," then hastily closed the door, feeling very embarrassed for his rush entry. Then he walked and searched for his wife's' room. He felt a little confused as it seemed to be the correct room number, but the woman inside did not seem to look like his pregnant wife, but a woman who was out and ready for an elegant party.
  • So Albert called his assistant and asked. "Do you know where Mrs. Wong is?"
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