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Chapter 3

  • Starting the Night
  • Martha 's POV***
  • took it as a hint to start undressing and followed Albert's actions. Time to change to nightgown?
  • I also started removing the pearls pinned on my hair. Although there was always a maid assisting me when I change items of clothing or the hairpins at home, this time, I tried to remove the pearl pins by myself.
  • I clumsily unbuttoned my flowing gown. I wanted to ask help from Albert, but since he did not look at me even once or come near me when I was bending side to side to reach the locks from my back, straining my back, I decided against asking help.
  • Damn, this was a hard lock to wrestle—what a dress.
  • Every button took me an eternity to unfasten; thus, I was shocked when I raised my head and saw that Albert's back was all naked in front of me.
  • Albert had thrown all his items of clothing on the floor. He was naked as the newborn.
  • Yeah, my face was tomato red, my mouth hanging open. I must be a real sight of a drooling woman, my saliva dripping already. Shameless me.
  • With a lump in my throat, Albert suddenly turned around and faced me in all his naked glory.
  • I have never seen a naked man before me, but the sight of naked Albert did not fail my imagination. I coyly looked at him standing before me, my stunned face, unable to say anything. Perfect man.
  • Clearly, my eyes ogled from my extreme admiration to Albert's toned features, to his unique regal bone structure and perfectly symmetrical face. He is all manly, better than most models who graced the cover of magazines.
  • While he was all handsome head to hair, there was no softness in his eyes nor welcome from his lips.
  • This time his face was black foreboding, contempt clearly shown in his expression.
  • I gasped.
  • I was scared and taken aback by his vicious, angry look directed at me. It was the first time that our eyes met after the wedding. 
  • My eyelids fluttered nervously from his murderous look.
  • My hands were frozen. I did not expect a murderous husband looking down at me while I was sitting and unbuttoning my gown lock. Am I this ugly and contemptible?
  • Is he going to take his revenge on me? Is he that unhappy? Really? Will he kill me? Will I die tonight.?
  • His muscular hands on his hips, Albert growled for the first time. His voice low and controlled.
  • "So, do you think this body will be yours as your toy?" He asked between his teeth. His eyes are darting nails.
  • Albert made a large loop sweeping gesture of his right hand from his head then down to his toes in an exaggerated manner. Of course, I followed the direction of his head to foot, trying not to stare hard in between his thighs.
  • "Do you think with your marriage to me bitch, you can touch me like a TOY, something you just buy cheaply in the mall?". His tone was all sarcastic, acid-spewing from his mouth.
  • He shouted, "answer me, BITCH!" with a broken glass tone on his voice.
  • I was stoned frozen on my chair. I was still unable to process in my brilliant mind that my dream husband called me BITCH and himself as my TOY.
  • Me a BITCH? And him a TOY? My mouth hanged. Silence.
  • My eyelids fluttered, unable to meet his accusing look. What is he talking about? I do not understand. I am confused.
  • With this marriage, I am honestly offering him, my love , SINCERELY as his wife. And as to him, I only pray that he will be a faithful husband. But never that cheap Bitch or Toy. Never on that line. I shook my head several times.
  • Before I could open my mouth and apologize, there was a loud knock from the main suite door.