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Chapter 57

  • Before Pia entered the car, which would take her back to her workplace, she glanced back at the entire villa. She saw Albert's back on the second floor's balcony.Pia was so familiar with the posture of that man. Every time she would look at him near or far, her heart would always have a kind of aching feeling. She missed Albert so much. There was never any man who occupied her heart. Even when she was abducted by her ex-husband, Pia always looked back at her happy memories with Albert. Pia was a good woman who was in love with a man. However, she was just unlucky that at the time she went back to Albert, he had already married to another woman. If only Pia could see that Albert had a happy life, she would be willing to leave him. However, she had seen him several times with an exasperated look. Pia felt that something was wrong with Albert's marriage. She could sense that Donna no longer loved Albert. Strangely, Pia could feel Donna's indifference towards Albert. Somehow, Donna did not show any warm affection towards Albert. And it was only Albert who was following her all the time. It was as if Albert was coaxing Donna. Also, Pia had seen that Albert was distracted most of the time these days. On one occasion, Pia had seen Albert standing beside Donna in the hospital, and he looked very depressed. Pia was still gazing in the direction where Albert was standing. When Pia saw Albert walked towards the window, she immediately pretended to walk sadly towards the car. Pia could feel that Albert was looking out from the window in her direction. So Pia pretended to walk heavily while wiping some tears on her eyes. She made her appearance look very pitiful. It was also at that moment that Albert noticed Pia in the parking area. When Albert saw that Pia was pacing sadly and wiping her face, he concluded that Pia was so unhappy that she had to cry. The site of the suffering Pia twisted his heart. He never desired Pia to be heartbroken. And he knew that driving her away broke her heart. Albert could sense that Pia resisted leaving his mansion. After all, they had many pleasant memories when they were younger in this place. And Albert did not forget the time when he told Pia that he would give this village to her. Because at the time, he was confident that he would marry Pia. But what could he do? Pia did not become his wife. Dona was now his wife. And this entire villa should be a gift to whoever married Albert. The village was designed for Albert and his wife. As soon as Pia was certain that Albert's attention was on her as she saw his reflection in the car glass window, she made herself looked very miserable and humble. She even pretended to fall on her knees and cried in anguish. If one looked at her, one would conclude that Pia was hurting so bad.The fact was Pia pretended to cry to rouse Albert's emotion; her small frame was shaking violently. Her knees were pressed on the ground. Seeing her like that, Albert indeed felt uncomfortable and immediately called his assistant. " Kindly personally drive Miss Pia back to her house. Make sure she will be ok." Indeed, the pitiful sight of Pia haunted Albert's memories. After all, he blamed himself for Pia's misfortune. Albert understood that Pia was in pain because she still loved him. Such a pure Pia with her love still existing, he could not find any fault. And besides, Pia was his first love. And first love could not be easily replaced. However, Albert was a man of principle. As between loving and abiding with his obligation to his family, then his responsibility comes first. Besides, he was now a father to the twins. So, at that moment, what matters most were the twins and Donna.
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