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Chapter 17

  • Divorce Over Dinner
  • Martha's POV***
  • Seriously, I have been trying to be in my best-nice-Martha -self, but this man does not appreciate how hard it is NOT to throw the glass goblet of wine in his face which I pretend to twirl around my beautiful hand.
  • Does he think that I am bothered by the companies my grandfather tossed into his control? The jerk. I can not even count using my hand and feet the number of hotels where am the major stockholder. So losing half of it would not let me lose sleep. What would I do with that much money, bring to my next life? Hah!
  • “Fine, you can continue your collaboration with grandfather. I can see he thrusts you well. But I still do not want to continue with this marriage. You can slap me with penalties, or you can demand how to compensate your pride, but I am still not continuing with the marriage”  My voice is firm. This is my natural voice when negotiating with tough hard-headed opponents. And this Mr. Wong is now listed as opponent number one.
  • What did he just say now? "So that you can concentrate on producing an heir, what else". Just as he finished saying it, it again echoed "So that you can concentrate on producing an heir, what else"
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