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Chapter 18

  • Find a Way
  • Albert's POV**
  • While her mind is working up in some arguments about the divorce, I just kept my gaze at my wife, who looked even more attractive and appealing, with her skin blushing pink. After doing a thorough research of the way she conducted her business, I know now I can not underestimate her. She is a headstrong woman, and once her mind is made up, it would be hard put to change it.
  • But one thing is revealed tonight. I discovered that her tolerance to alcohol is low, judging from her over pinkish cheeks. Also, some of the verbal defenses she put up against me have been lowered since she started drinking the wine. 
  • So, I poured and poured more wine so that I could extract the reason behind this sudden change of heart. Indeed, when a person jumped from cold to hot, there is a driving force behind the change.
  • Enjoying her company tonight, I took this opportunity to listen to her soft voice as she outlined her insistence on this divorce. Even when she did, my brain would not register that my wife would suddenly forget me overnight. She had been on my trail for the past five years, to the point that I already found it annoying.
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