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Chapter 4

  • Martha 'S POV ***
  • Before I could open my mouth and say my piece, there was a loud knock from the main suite door.
  • Who could that be?. But before I could ask, Albert had started walking to the door, in all his naked glory. He did not even bother to cover himself nor ask the person's name who was knocking the door.
  • Albert just swang the door open right away. The visitor was someone he expected to arrive, apparently.
  • Snapped from the shock, I tilted my head to investigate. I was shocked to see a very curvy woman, wearing a skimpy red dress, suddenly lounged and jumped on Albert. She then started to giggle wantonly.
  • I immediately recognized her as an advertising actress and she was one of the guests at my wedding. I remembered her face. She was rumored to be Albert's girlfriend, the actress Liza Lang who announced herself in media to be Albert's longtime date and future wife. So what is she doing here? This is my wedding suite.
  • Honestly, I was shocked by her invasion inside our private room. But I was twice shocked when Albert picked her up bridal style. The woman wrapped her arms around Albert while I, the real bride, wrapped my arm around my aching head.
  • Frozen on my seat and unable to digest all their erotic scenes, my heart jumped to my mouth when I saw my husband Albert walked back towards our room, with both of them intimately kissing, the woman disgustingly moaning.
  • Albert mockingly smiled at my direction while he put down the woman on the floor and hastily undressed her. He unzipped her dress, removed her bra and pulled down her thong, all in a split of a second.
  • Now all naked. he smashed her breasts and sucked them with his lips, with his mocking eyes, never leaving my shocked round eyes.
  • Before I could blink my horrified eyes, both my husband Albert and the woman intruder were now making out on top of the bed, tightly locked on a heated embrace. The intruder actress was unashamed in responding to Albert's fiery passion, even when she knew that I continued to look at them, unable to say anything.
  • Worse, the intruder woman even shook her head and said to me, "poor, poor wife. You got Albert's name, but his body is all mine …." and then she giggled again wantonly when Albert rained her kisses.
  • Albert then rubbed his arms around her butt down to her legs. The brazen woman seemed to shudder in pleasure.
  • While they were kissing and licking and moaning, I was unable to move. I need a big slap on my face.
  • Think, Martha, think. Think dammit.
  • It was like watching a pornographic movie, but it was a live show. Although I heard stories that there are actresses who do live sex, still, I never thought it would happen on my wedding night, wedding room and wedding bed.
  • Disgusting! Albert opened wide the woman's legs and started inserting his fingers on her womanhood,
  • I gasped. I cut my shocked gaze away from these two disgusting forms of human being. My hands hastily fumbled back to my wedding dress. It was no help that my hands were now clumsy as I tried hard to finish untangling the buttons.
  • There is a sudden urge to get away from this wedding dress! Just this morning, I was at awe when I wore it. Now, I only felt annoyed.
  • Feeling vexed, I shrieked, "WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT?" Why would not this dress get off me? I whispered unintelligible words when I recovered slowly from my shock.
  • I am Martha Moon, and no man can pull me down to hit the pit bottom!
  • I waited for him for eight years, moved heaven and mountains for this marriage, and then, he would just fuck a slut on my wedding night? Is he mad? Is he crazy?
  • My ego was now challenged into a boxing match. I felt a sudden sharp knife that sliced my heart.
  • Swoosh! An invisible drum of iced water seemed to have thrown my face. My anger was heating up.
  • My temper was rising like a volcanic lava 1,2,3,5......
  • My claws were growing like wolverine. My fangs were out.
  • I did not notice that my lips were trembling like crazy, just like my fisted hands, which I could not control.
  • And then, my sanity exploded. Dang! Dang!
  • While Albert and the woman intruder were enjoying their foreplay, I suddenly stood up slowly, summoning all nerves of my regal beauty and walked near the bed where Albert was entwined with his cheap of a slut whore actress.
  • "You want a show. I will give you one". I said, my mind snapping past lunacy! Pak! Pak.
  • And just as when I promised myself to change my wicked ways to become a good wife for Albert, this is what I got???