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Chapter 8

  • What to do
  • Martha 'S POV ***
  • What to do, what to do. My mind was jumping multi-lingual.  Otoke. Otoke. Gāi zěnme bàn. Nani o subeki ka, Ano na gagawin ko? 
  • If I am stressed, I could not help my brain speak different languages, like suddenly different nationals live there.
  • quickly recovered from Albert's assault and kicked him hard using my right foot. My left heel caught Albert's right thigh and ripped his skin.
  • Immediately, blood trickled from his skin.
  • Albert yelled. "Shit Martha, you aimed for my balls? I do not have an heir yet, you dare to make me sterile? "
  • He then wiped the blood off from his skin, but before Albert finished wiping off the blood, I gave him another kick. He side swept my kick, but it hit his right arm.
  • Albert looked at his arm, frowning at another injury that was scratched by my heel. Blood trickled down his arm, then another from his thigh. "Damn you are strong," he hissed.
  • Without a word, Albert held the metallic shoe heels from my feet and tried removing them after the sharp edge caused him wounds.
  • When my heels did not slide off easily, Albert yanked them off my feet, causing pain. My two feet were hurting. The metal clasped wounded my ankles. Blood trickled.
  • I yelped with the sight of the blood and continued to wriggle my legs. "You just wounded my ankles!"
  • Albert answered growling, "what do you think of these blood droplets on my arm and thigh? Fake blood?"
  • Albert then held my hands up my head, then said, "You crazy woman! Keep still."
  • I gritted my teeth. "I am crazy? You brought a slut in this room, and I am crazy?"
  • I attempted to stand up. I wanted nothing but to be in this room with this crazy mad man.
  • But the more I wriggled away, and the more my body moved against Albert's naked body.
  • The friction heated up his desire because his breathing became more labored. His manhood was too erect, poking me.
  • Now that we are on the same bed and naked, his movements were urgent. His mouth was hotly tasting and licking my mouth and neck. His immediate touch heightened on a different level.
  • He sought my lips, using his tongue. I clamped, closed my mouth, and moved my face away. He urged my mouth to open my lips.
  • I bit him, drawing blood on my taste. Albert bit me back, drawing blood too. Shit. I spit blood. His lips tickled blood. But he continued to deepen his kisses, mixing our saliva with our blood.
  • He just let me breathed a little. I needed air. I gulped. But he kissed me back forcibly. Again and again. He held my head, so I could not turn my mouth away,
  • Albert continued his kisses down on my neck, giving me hickeys all over. Small love bites were planted on my breasts.
  • My body betrayed me. I felt my own desire rising with Albert's touch. He was biting my ear and licking the end.
  • I dreamed of this hot night to be with him, but after seeing him on the bed naked with another woman, I lost that warm feeling on my heart.
  • When I walked away from this room minutes ago, I knew I did not want to continue with this marriage with Albert. So much for fake romance. I tried to turn back the time.
  • But Albert's hands were all over my body, revolting me on his every touch. I felt that his dirty hands, which he rubbed with that cheap actress, were tainted with yucky dirt from another woman.
  • How dare he touch me with those filthy lips and hands.
  • How dare he rubs me with that revolting fingers which some minutes ago were inside stroking another vagina.
  • I cringed and used my two hands to push Albert away. But it was useless. His strength was no match for my now weakening body. It was like moving a rock wall. My efforts were useless.
  • I stopped moving and remembered what he said a while ago about playing my part. Maybe I should reason with this maniac.
  • "Mr. Wong, Please call back your girlfriend. I promise to sit back on that chair and watch you. I will not move an inch while you do your sex thing". I pointed to the chair which I sat ago, expecting to reason out with him.