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Chapter 81 Wifey and Hubby

  • Albert was shocked. He never thought that Martha resented his presence in her company. He felt downhearted because he did his best to pay attention to her businesses so that she would not be bothered while she was pregnant.
  • However, it turned out she resented his help. Albert sighed. Supposedly, he should take over of their family businesses, which were now attended to by his old father. But out of care for Martha’s health, he agreed to Martha’s grandfather.
  • Albert would not like to have any disagreement with Martha’s businesses. It was her and her family. Thus, he should not complicate things further if Martha wanted to manage her own businesses. If she wanted the business back, then he had no reason to hold the position as CEO of her companies. Thus, he agreed.
  • “When we go back to the local country, I will turn over back to you all the entire operation. You are right, accepting the role as CEO of your company was out of the line. I should have consulted you first than relying on your grandfather’s decision.”  Albert simply responded coldly. Then he continued savoring the dish.
  • (o – o ) Martha was shocked.
  • She did not expect that Albert immediately agreed to return the company to her.
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