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Chapter 79 The gossip

  • Acting like she did not care about Albert’s stern present order to follow him anywhere, Martha continued to savor her breakfast. She just ignored him.
  • Martha had been a leader herself for how many years. She received training from her grandfather on how to handle difficult people.
  • Simply put, Martha was not the person to be easily bullied. But she and Albert were of the same mold. They usually would not back up to challenges, and Albert just challenged the wits of Martha.
  • While Martha was carefully observing Albert under her eyelids, Albert was also doing the same.
  • But being the man of the house, Albert believed that he should keep his family together. It was not even an issue of who was richer, or who loved the other more, but who should be more responsible to keep the family as one.
  • At that time, Albert believed that the success and failure of their marriage depended on his ability to hold his family.
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