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Chapter 64 Great America Part 1

  • Keya P.O.V
  • I'm carrying Qwan and holding Tez hand as we made our way to the long ass line at the entrance of the Park. Manny is carrying Grammy which is really sweet of him. But I noticed how he turned a little red, was he blushing? OMG What did she say to him? Grammy is a stone cold freak and a huge flirt, hell she ain't got 8 kids for nothing! I know she's flirting with him lmao. I mindlink him, 'Papi is My Grammy flirting with you?' I was trying so hard to not laugh but it was getting harder with his face growing so red! I burst into a fit of giggles not being able to hold it in any longer.
  • His flustered look quickly morphed into a sharp one as his eyes went from blue to gold. That's Jaspier! They snapped to me and I nearly choke on my saliva when he says, 'You'll pay for that later, Mate!' Oh man what?! I immediately regret teasing him, 'Wha.. Papiii? I'm s-' I whine pouting while trying to apologize but he counters quickly with a resolute, 'No!' Damn! I guess Qwan noticed my face because he asks, 'Keya are you awight (alright)?" He sounds so cute! I cheer up smiling, "Yeah I'm alright, are you ready to go have you some fun? They have so much stuff for us to play on in there!"
  • I tell him excitedly and he and Tez shout, "Yes!" Qwan asks, "Do dey hab tois to pway wif?"(Do they have toys to play with?) I deciphered his question, and although Qwan's speech is bad, Tez's speech is way worst. He talks ass backwards! He would take something simple like, 'good morning'. And he would say, 'mood gorning'. He's been diagnosed with dyslexia and lucky I've been around him long enough to understand what it is he's saying. Because sometimes I am completely lost as to what he's asking me.
  • Example, a couple of years ago he told me, "I wan tum ickio n mil." And on my life y'all I had no clue what he was talking about. I asked him to repeat it so many times that he got frustrated and was about to cry! But our Mom walked into the kitchen after hearing him and said, "Gurl give that damn boy some cereal and milk!" No fuckin way! "WTH is that what he said??" I was flabbergasted to say the least lol.
  • I tell Qwan, "Um I actually don't know if they have toys in there. But we can look tho." Manny tells them calmly, "Yes they have lots of toys Qwan and when we get inside you can pick out the ones you want. And I'll buy them for you okay?" Qwans' little face lit up he had the biggest grin! With his snaggle toothed self. "Rweally? Any wone I want?" Manny smiles promising him, "Yup any one you want." Qwan beams at him while Tez pouts stubbornly, "Wha 'bout me!?" Manny chuckles, "You too Tez." And Tez snickers mischievously like he just stole a toy from Qwan and no one noticed. Manny's gonna have them spoiled rotten by the time we leave, smh.
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