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Chapter 26 DREAMS PART 1 1 of 2

  • Manny☆ & Kane♤ POV
  • ------☆------
  • (Dreaming)
  • I woke up to the sound of the wild around me. Kinda like how I'd imagine the Amazon to sound at night. But something was different, something was.. off about this place. Then I heard it, the long, deep, low howl of a huge wolf. From its vocal prowess I could tell that this was no regular wolf. I learned how to be stealthy while hunting from my Papau. I bent down low and listened to my surroundings. Where on earth was I? This place felt oddly familiar but also looked foreign to me. Like I've been here before but it was so long ago that I didn't really remember it.
  • I realized that I was butt naked, it was around midnight and there're no street lights, only the light of the half moon illuminating the entire area. It was so intoxicating and magnificent to behold, almost like it was calling to me. I was slowly traveling uphill through thick, lush green foliage, the air smells amazing. I can smell the salty sea water, was I on an island? Everything around me was nature. But as I stepped out into a clearing I noticed this enormous white mansion completely surrounded by a tall, strong black iron fence.
  • It was located at the very top of the land, so you got a breathtaking view of the whole island and of the sea as well, it was pure paradise. I was enjoying the scenery when I suddenly realized that, I wasn't alone. I sensed a presence near me, turning to my right I spot the silhouette on the damp grass of the wolf I heard earlier.
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