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  • Lucia says smiling brightly, "Are there any special gifts that you can do that you know of? Manuel I remember your Father being a shape shifter. He could manipulate any part of his body to be anything he willed it to be!" Damn, really? That's freaking cool! "Ever since I was a child, I've been able to heal people by praying to the Father while touching them." Keya says proudly and I'm still amazed by that. Lucia and Edvard looked shocked by this, "What? Really just by praying? That's.. that's.. can you demonstrate it on us?" Lucia asks but Keya looks confused asking, "How?"
  • Lucia looks around for something quickly but not finding it uses her fingernail to cut her skin near her wrist. Startling Keya who gasps and takes Lucia's arm whispering the prayer and the cut instantly heals. Even the blood that seeped out returned. Edvard had leaned over to see the event exclaimed, "Wowza now that's a cool gift to posses! Can you do me next?" He asks grinning with his grey eyes twinkling excitedly. "Uh.. sure." Keya shrugs, immediately Lucia with her long nail quickly slices across his throat in one smooth stroke. The Hell?! Me and Keya gasp as she touches his shoulder and prays, his wound healing rapidly with no sign of a scar in sight! He's rubbing his neck checking for the wound.
  • "Honey do you see anything? I don't feel nothing! This is awesome!" He chuckles happily glancing from his wife to my future one. We really need to go, because these two muthafuckas are weird A.F! Lucia shakes her head looking awestruck at Edvard, Keya is panting slightly and looking a bit creeped out. "I don't see any scars at all! Rukeya does healing people have any negative effect on you? Like, do you need time to recover your strength or have to rest in between healings?" Lucia asks her.
  • "No, I don't feel drained or anything after healing. Can I ask you something?" She asks looking curiously at Lucia who was still admiring her and her husband's 'wounds'. "Yeah sure." "Why do look like that lady from 'Death Becomes Her' and he looks like McCready from 'The Thing'?" Damn I've been wanting to ask them the same thing since I came in here! Lucia smiles slightly then says dismissively,
  • "Oh those are our clones, sweetie. They make us money so we can do what we want to do, like.. what we're doing right now, helping people. Or research, studying or traveling without actually having to work a job. Lots of celebrities are witch/wizard clones." She laughs lightly and turns and looks me up and down, "Manuel, do you have any special gifts? Can you shift any part of yourself at will? I remember when I seen your Father turn into a Dragon for the first time.. mm.." she fans herself as if she was suddenly hot. And took a quick peek at Edvard before looking at us conspiratorially and whispering, "It scared me and turned me on! Whew!" Me and Keya looked at each other and burst out laughing.
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