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Chapter 32 MARKED & MATED? 1 of 2

  • Manny☆ & Keya♡ & Kane♤ & Ja'el◇ POV
  • ------♡------
  • The hell? I sit up staring and frowning at Manny incredulously, "Your wolf wants us to have sex?! What kinda shit is that? And bite me? What the hell!" I was pissed, what kinda thing is that to request of someone?!
  • Manny put his right hand over his eyes massaging his temples, his other massaging the small of my back, it was calming me down a bit, he sighed deeply. "Look I'm not gonna force you to do anything that you don't want to do, okay baby?!" I smiled slightly, nodding.
  • He looks at me solemnly, "But he really wants me to do this. It's all he talks about and he just tried to do it himself before I stopped him!" he says desperately.
  • What? I stiffened, oh my goodness that enormous ass wolf tried to bite and screw me!!? WTF! And Manny.. saved me?! I launched myself at him hugging him and planting my lips on his hairy jawline. He has very sexy facial hair, it's so soft, I love it.. I love him! My hairy hero, lol!
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