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Chapter 56 Hanging Out With My Gurls! 2 of 2

  • Keya POV
  • We walked for a few minutes in silence, until I feel comforting warmth in the air surrounding us. “Ja’el where are we?” I ask curiously, she replies matter of factly, ‘In the Spirit Realm.’ “The Spirit Realm?” I ask her, I vaguely remember my Grammy talking about a spirit realm some years ago. ‘Yes it’s where we reside inside of you. I’ve been here since my Mom sent me to be your wolf. Do you like it, we all helped in decorating it?’ She asks enthusiastically, I look around admiring the landscape more thoroughly. Wow, “How did y’all decorate this?!” I ask her intrigued Yuri turns around saying, “With our powers of course!” Really, “You mean y’all have the power grow things like trees and stuff?” “Yes we do!” I was overly excited. “Can I do things like this too?!” Yuri turns around to me while still floating backwards, “Yes Rukeya you can do all of the things that we can do!” “What, Really!! Oh man this is amazing! I can’t wait to start learning this stuff!” I say while literally jumping for joy. I can’t wait to start growing my own food. I’ve always wanted to own some land so I can grow my own food, raise me some livestock and build a log cabin. I know that I’m a city girl but I’ve always felt like a country girl. I used to watch all of these old John Wayne Country Western films with my Great Grand Dad when I was younger. And utterly fell in love with the old pilgrim way of life. Which is half of the reason that I want to become an architect. So that I can build my own log cabin. I love the woodsy smell of Evergreen trees and would completely adore a whole home that was rich with fresh Cedar and Pine scents. “Rukeya you know that if you wanted to build you a home here you totally can.” Yuri says and Ja’el adds, ‘Yes and you can decorate it anyway that you want to.’ Gasps, “No Way Are You Serious?!” They both nod and I scream because I was stupid happy at the thought of building my own home! “So when can I get started?” Yuri chuckles patting my cheek, “Soon but you need to meet Abijah first, we’re almost there.” I am really trying to contain my excitement but I’m really happy. “So how did y’all end up in here, in me?” Ja’el speaks, “We have been here since you were born, Rukeya. We are a part of you eternally. We can never leave you, okay. We are your Gurls for life!” I love the sound of that! Next thing I see was this small glowing figure hovering several feet off the ground. ‘Rukeya, pleasure to meet you face to face.’ I hear her in my head just like I hear Ja’el in my head. I think that it’s like a type of mindlink. But she does not look at me. I look over to a tiny clearing in the trees and see this young dark skinned girl. She looks no older than me wearing a white cotton and lace dress. She sat with her legs crossed and her arms out, palms facing up to the sky with her head back. If I had to guess, I would say she was worshipping or praising the Father! ‘Is she okay?’ I ask Ja’el who replies, ‘Yes she is always Praising. It’s just what she does all the time.’ Oh ok, ‘It’s great to meet you also, Abijah. Are you the one that heals?’ I ask her, her arms lowering to her sides and she looks at me and humbly nods. ‘Yes.’ Her voice was small and sweet but strong, it made me feel so positive like everything was going to be alright in my life. ‘I want to truly thank you for all of the times that you have helped me heal someone. You are a real blessing, all of you are. And I thank GOD for you all!’ We all sorta did a group hug and started talking about several things. Like the possibility of Manny being our Mate, how exactly to bring up this info to Grammy and the Family. How to bring this situation up to my Dad and his family. And while we talked I picked out a cozy spot to build my log cabin. They showed me a few tips and tricks but I caught on very quickly. And using my newfound powers we designed and decorated a large cabin. Just by thinking of the type of furniture that I wanted in there. It appeared and it took all day but we finished and chilled on the floor of the massive family room. The Cabin has six big bedrooms, three bathrooms, spacious kitchen with a separate dining area and the massive family/living room. There’s a fireplace in here and a small creek that flows from the backyard through the kitchen, dining room and living room to the front yard. Floor to ceiling glass walls and windows to accent to wood and stone design. I completely adore it! I wake up in My Papis’ arms and can’t wait to tell him about my night. Hanging out with my Gurls!
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